About the Author

Anthony F. Raimondo

Anthony “Doc” Raimondo is a unique storyteller who can bridge the gap between himself and his audience in both auditory and in the written word. “Doc” as an educator, he teaches his students that an oral or written storytelling is not a monologue but a dialogue of exchanging not only cognitive reasoning through meaning but emotions. Books and movies are lovely venues for a writer, but they are a solo experience for both the author and the audience. Anthony F. Raimondo believes only actual shared experience comes from oral storytelling; where the teller and the audience share the experience. “Doc” has brought his verbal storytelling skills to the printed word in the Least of Brothers Series based on two verses from the Bible Matthew 25:40 and verse 45. What you did or did not do for the least of brothers or sisters you did or did not do you did it to me. “Doc” has IMDb credits for a feature film as an associate producer of Silver Twins and producer credit for The Johnson Show. He has also produced an Internet Radio program; Doc Speaks Show on Intention Radio, as well as over a 160 YouTube videos. Also, he has produced several Off Broadway Theater Productions written by Antony Raymond, Julio, Pretty Babies, Lustiness, Gin & Milk, Apt. 301, and Yeah, I met this girl; resented a dance performance of The Savior Project and the Gitrite Comedy Show at a cafe theatre in Newark, NJ.


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